The StockFox Extension enables you to view your favorite stocks in your browser. View them as a rotating list in your status bar and/or in a scrolling stock ticker toolbar.

Install from Mozilla Add-ons.

Added a new option for setting a Display Name for each stock. This is nice for when showing "S&P500" instead of the symbol ^GSPC.

You can edit stocks from anywhere the stocks are viewable.

You can now reorder your stocks by moving them up or down in the list.

Unified views - the sidebar (activated via F9) and 'View All' windows now use the same UI.

The stocks show in neutral colors on weekends and before the market opens.

The "Last updated" date is taken from the last reported trade date of your stocks.

Stocks that were persisted as bookmarks were no longer working in Firefox 3.6. Changed to storing stocks internally.

The stockfox project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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